Mozart Requiem, review

Last night’s concert, a performance of Mozart’s Symphony No.40 followed by the Requiem, was officially a sell-out!


(photo: Dan Hubbard)

Concert day itself is always really exciting. Finally, after months of rehearsal, the transformation is made from brilliant pianist (Annette Bryson) to brilliant orchestra, and it really is thrilling for all of us to work with these fine musicians. Many of them tell me how much they enjoying playing at Monkton, and I put this down to the infectious enthusiasm of the choir. Professional, definitely – but actually they just really love coming together to sing, and the orchestra really warms to that spirit.

The choir was on top form last night, and my only regret on these occasions is that we only get one short rehearsal and a single performance with the orchestra. But the choir didn’t waste their opportunity! The Dies Irae had all of the fire you could want, visually as well as vocally, and the Lacrimosa was deeply moving; and at the other end of the scale, the Quam olim Abrahae and the Handelian fugal Kyrie had all of the confidence that I could have – and indeed did – ask for! Huge congratulations to all who were involved, and a big thanks also to everyone who came to support the concert. We’re going to need a bigger venue!


One response to “Mozart Requiem, review

  1. Mrs Joy Roberts

    Sunday 17 March was the first time I have attended a performance by the Monkton Combe Choral Society. I came to support one of your choristers, expecting somethimg akin to our local church choir.
    Oh. what a delightful surprise! The whole programme was excellent and the singers were very clear and precise.
    I’m looking forward to your next event.

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