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A new challenge for September

The next work which we will be preparing will be Mozart’s Requiem, with the performance scheduled for Sunday 17 March 2013.

Two years ago we sang Mozart’s C minor mass, which proved to be a bigger undertaking than I’d initially thought! As well as being scored for double choir (2 x SATB), which meant that there was less ‘safety in numbers’, it was surprisingly challenging musically as well, and some of the harmonic idioms took a long time to absorb; the Qui tollis springs immediately to mind. To be honest, some of the rehearsals were pretty tough, but one of the characteristics of this choir is their extraordinary tenacity, and they were not going to be beaten! The sense of achievement at the end of the performance was fantastic, and since then we have been much more ready to take on more challenges with greater confidence.

In comparison, the Requiem is much more accessible to an amateur choir, as well as being much better known too. It is still a ‘big sing’ though, and unlike The Creation, which has extensive solo sections, Mozart’s Requiem is more or less a full-on sing for 50+ minutes, so stamina is going to be on this term’s agenda.

Rehearsals begin on 4th September. If you are interested in joining┬áMonkton Combe Choral Society then please do feel free to come along to a rehearsal or two. Otherwise, please do make a note of the date of the concert, and we’ll see you there!